The Traveler and the Travel

The series of paintings is built on imagery that makes jokes about the big picture. The diptych is logically joined in a graphic way, yet each half is dichotomous in terms of pictorial space. There is an implied narrative in the placement of the figures seen as a metaphor for the polarity of gain and loss, in historical, cultural and personal aspects. 

Stationary Girl

The series of paintings are a visual reverie to wholeness and completeness. Coexistence of environment and personal space is the subject matter. The state of serenity, free from influence and portrayed in the composition, is the subject.

Individual Works

Representational paintings that are about enigma and paradox, and draw upon unexpected or irrational color choices.

Works on Paper

Drawings influenced by juxtaposition and understated humor? Like the paintings, most of the drawings are based on collages made from found photography. Several works were made by direct observation of the chosen subject.

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